Book Review: Kind Chemist Wife: Musings at 3 a.m., by Sarah Bigham / Reviewed by Candice Daquin

Kind Chemist Wife: Musings at 3 a.m.,  by Sarah Bigham Review by Candice Louisa Daquin This is a book about many things. In essence this is a book someone who has chronic pain or any chronic condition will find a great deal in. Any woman also. Any lesbian. Virtually any human being if they areContinue reading “Book Review: Kind Chemist Wife: Musings at 3 a.m., by Sarah Bigham / Reviewed by Candice Daquin”

Poets of SMITTEN Interview Series: Hoda Essa

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Hoda Abdulqadir Essa is a New Orleans native with roots hailing from East Africa. Hoda is a maker, writer, lover, shapeshifter and soul traveler, searching for heaven or hoping to construct it with her own bare hands. How does being a poet inform your views on expressing emotions through writing?  As…

Poets of SMITTEN Interviews: Erin King

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Erin King lives in southeastern Pennsylvania. Interests include creating fiber art, jewelry making, and the outdoors.  She lives with her partner of eight years. What made you interested in submitting for SMITTEN? It was a incident of timing, really.  Like once a decade I’ll go on a poetry writing binge.  There’s…

Poets of SMITTEN Speak: Alison Palmer

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Alison Palmer is the author of the poetry chapbook, The Need for Hiding (Dancing Girl Press, 2018). To read an in-depth interview by The Poet’s Billow about the collection visit Alison’s work appears in FIELD, Bear Review, River Styx, Glass, Cream City Review, Salt Hill, Los Angeles Review and elsewhere.…

Poets of SMITTEN Speak: Dr Sneha Rooh

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Dr. Sneha Rooh is a palliative physician and founder of Orikalankini an organisation that is changing narratives around Menstruation and sexuality in India through art theatre and dialogue. She loves to travel and write. What does it mean to be a part of smitten? To me writing for this anthology means…