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Kindra M. Austin is an author from Michigan, USA, and the co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. She is an advocate for mental health awareness, sexual trauma survivors, and for the LGBTQ+ community. Her debut novel was released in 2017; she has since written and published two other novels, as well as four poetry collections. A neo-noir novella, The Killing Holiday was released in October, 2021. Other written and editorial publications include contributions to We Will Not Be SilencedSMITTENAs the World Burns, Through the Looking Glass, and But You Don’t Look Sick. Austin has also written for The Mansfield Pride magazine, an annual periodical out of Ohio.

Kindra M. Austin’s neo-noir novella, The Killing Holiday, is filled with sex, cigarettes, and whiskey, leaving the reader wanting more.

“Austin’s dark, disquieting ability to provoke unease, is the exact right tempo for an addictive noir novella. You’ll be looking over your shoulder for weeks afterward… think you know psychological thrillers? Think again.”

-Candice Louisa Daquin, Pinch the Lock

“The Killing Holiday digs beneath the human psyche and begs the question, what will you do for love? Or better yet, what are you willing to do for revenge?The dark and honest truth comes out in Austin’s characters, who become more animalistic and primal as the story progresses. The reader is forced to confront their own despicable and basest aspect of humanity: we are all killers. Killers of the spirit, of the heart and of course, the body”

—Rhiannon Marie, author of SHIFT

The Killing Holiday will have you hooked, unable to put it down until the whole story unravels itself. Like an epic poet of old, Austin plunges in media res straight to the heart of the tale. . . The Killing Holiday is a must-read masterfully told tale by a novelist with the soul of a poet, who leaves us wondering how much of herself was left in the ink on the page.”

—John Leys, author of Whispers of a One-Eyed Raven

“In The Killing Holiday, author Kindra M. Austin thrusts readers into a world that is sexy, dangerous, and full of deceit. This is not just a tale about betrayal; this is a book that, at its core, is about love, and “love is madness.”

In a cast of femme fatales, dames, and anti-heroes, Austin smashes readers’ expectations and brings classic noir into the modern age. Her characters are a direct reflection of our society that invoke feelings of empathy and disgust. What started as a slow burn quickly turned into a fast-paced ride.

Moreover, this neo-noir novella taught me that dark fiction cannot, and will not, wait for permission to be literary vehicles of change. I personally appreciated how this book explores transgressive themes, like sexuality, to create a space of introspection for readers.”

—Grace R. Reynolds, author of Lady of The House

The Killing Holiday is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & NobleBookshop.orgIndieBoundWaterstonesBook Depository, and from other major online retailers.

Publication Date: October 20, 2021

ISBN-13: 978-1951724122

All the Beginnings of Everything is a tour du force, one woman carrying the kaleidoscope of her family tree. In many ways, phantasmagoric in its debt to allegory, metaphor, and visceral self-talk. It’s a world outside of time, revealing how everything started and the patterns we never see tattooed beneath our skin, multiplying with every choice. All beg the questions, what is fate, and what is within our control? Can we save ourselves and others from prior outcomes? Will the tapestry of our ancestors dictate our own destiny, irrespective of our effort to be free?

“Austin has, yet again, created a masterpiece. All the Beginnings of Everything is a sensational collection which spans what feels like a lifetime. Separated into seven parts, Austin explores more in this collection than I feel she ever has done before, without sacrificing her trademark style. Her words remain sharp, raw and honest.”

-Kristiana Reed, Flowers on the Wall

“There’s something infinitely unpredictable and erotic about an unapologetic, hot-under-the-collar female writer who takes no prisoners; “I’ve defiled my own name.” (Slick).

Austin knows how much spice to add and swims between the blatantly sensual to the darkest coves, and then out into the light where she exposes her truths. Her voice doesn’t remain the same, there’s obvious influences, but she’s all things, the female Bukowski, the smart Joan Didion, then Tennyson takes over and gets epic. It never gets staid. Austin is a writer you want to befriend and talk to all night long over many drinks. You feel you’d find the riddle to the universe if you survived it.”

-Candice Louisa Daquin, Pinch the Lock

All the Beginnings of Everything is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, IndieBound, Chapters/Indigo, Waterstones, Book Depository, and from other major online retailers.

Publication Date: July 26, 2019

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1732800090

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