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Kindra M. Austin is an author and editor from Chesaning, Michigan, USA. Her debut novel was published in April, 2017. To date, Austin has published three poetry books Constant MusesTWELVE, and All the Beginnings of Everything, a novel, Magpie in August,, and one novella, For You, Rowena. She is currently working on a second novel Royce with the Rose Gold Hair.

Other publications include several poems featured on SpillWords; contributions to Sudden Denouement Anthology Volume I, Swear to Me, and All the Lonely People; and two essays advocating for LGBTQ rights, printed in the Ohio Mansfield Pride magazine. She also contributed to SMITTEN: This Is What Love Looks Like, and served as one of four editors for We Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Essay, and Art.

Austin has been writing for over twenty years. In 2008, she began blogging under different pseudonyms while briefly moonlighting as a writer/editor/internet radio personality. She’s a founding member of Indie Blu(e) Publishing, and Blood Into Ink.

Published Works

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Constant Muses is a collection of poems and prose dedicated to Austin’s inspirations, most notably, her late mother.

We served enormous club sammiches made on freshly baked French bread yesterday at your memorial luncheon. The deli at your favorite grocery store had prepared the tasty beauties, and I know you would have been impressed. I cut the sammiches with great precision, like you would have done, providing equally sized portions. Seriously, Mom. I was hyper-focused. Because putting all of my attention into minute details that no one else would have given one good goddamn about, was far easier than watching our family and friends walk through the doors with cards, and pathetically arranged faces.

Book Review: Kindra M. Austin’s Constant Muses, By Mariah Voutilainen

©Kindra M. Austin/Cover Art by Allane Sinclair



For You, Rowena takes the reader on an entirely unpredictable, unique journey around the subject of love. To label this work is impossible, as it contains all elements, and throws half of them in your face. Convention be dammed, you’ll read this novella and you won’t stop thinking about it. Kindra M. Austin earns her stripes in the indie author world with her highly praised novella For You, Rowena. If you relish a truly original read that will undo every cliché and keep you glued to the end, then this is indispensable.



TWELVE picks up where Constant Muses ends; this is the yearlong journey of my grief and healing expressed in poems and prose. While most pieces involve my mom directly, some are just byproducts of melancholy. But dark as my days have been, there is one who keeps me tethered to the light—you will know her influence in certain pieces; she reminds me to breathe on my worst days. And so I keep on digging into the pit of me—I know my truths deserve to be heard.

In TWELVE, you’ll feel the mourning of a daughter, the love of a mother, and the highs, lows, and plateaus that make the healing process an intricate one. Above all, you’ll feel the steel of a woman determined to hold on to life. To quote The Crow, one of my favorite films:

“It can’t rain all the time.”


Kindra M. Austin, TWELVE

Book Review of Twelve, by Mariah Voutilainen

©Kindra M. Austin/Cover Art by Allane Sinclair



All the Beginnings of Everything is a tour du force, one woman carrying the kaleidoscope of her family tree. In many ways, phantasmagoric in its debt to allegory, metaphor, and visceral self-talk. It’s a world outside of time, revealing how everything started and the patterns we never see tattooed beneath our skin, multiplying with every choice. All beg the questions, what is fate, and what is within our control? Can we save ourselves and others from prior outcomes? Will the tapestry of our ancestors dictate our own destiny, irrespective of our effort to be free?