Victoria Manzi, Promotion & Marketing Specialist

Victoria Manzi received a B.A. in English: Professional Writing in May 2021, and dreams of becoming a college professor. Her academic research focused on critically analyzing literature through a queer, theoretical lens, particularly focusing on the physical and psychological spaces created by LGBTQIA+ members, caused by various forms of oppression throughout time. In addition to LGBTQIA+ voices, Victoria has researched the relationship between multilingual/ESL students and their university, focusing on these students’ relationship with writing, in spaces where standard vernacular English is dominant and oppressive to individuals with different language backgrounds.

Victoria is passionate about raising awareness of the challenges SADVS survivors and LGBTQIA+ members face, as well as supporting the voices of underrepresented and often silenced groups.

You can follow Victoria on Instagram (@vic.manzi) and Facebook

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