Laurie Wise Reviews As the World Burns — November 14, 2020

Laurie Wise Reviews As the World Burns

As the World Burns is an outstanding collection of prose, poetry, and art that brilliantly illuminates the monumental events weighing upon our world, it’s communities and families, friends and neighbors. The anthology gives a voice to myriad emotions that have settled into hearts and souls worldwide, yet stick in our collective throats, unable to be spoken, leaving a wake of communal helplessness. As The World Burns has accomplished the difficult task of translating our grief, fear, anger, disillusion and uncertainty, into a glorious tapestry shining with strands of hope. The commonalities feed our sense of community, optimism and promise (Allie Nelson – Redbird “there is not much constant in nature but effervescent change, I am the bones of winter, and it’s only in planting beauty that we can hope”).

Within each piece, I found a passion that echoed my perceptions, whether the subject matter was racial injustice (Robert Okaji – If We Burn “and which assemblage of words could reorder these deaths into comprehension”), pandemic (Aakriti Kuntal – Forward  “because sometimes just breathing again is moving on”), climate change (Rachel Tijou – I Don’t Recognize This World “earth crumbles with the weight of our greed”), police brutality (Erin Van Vuren – Revolution “You were never meant to be a tragedy. You are, and always have been… a revolution.”), greed (A. Shea Holding On “if we only held on to life every day like we do when we are afraid of losing it.”), or political division (Dustin Pickering – The Price of Power  “being is timeless and belongs to us all”).

This collection deeply reverberates my spirit of hope, that together, we can lift one another up and work towards regenerating a world that values life, nature, peace, equality, reason and truth. I highly recommend As the World Burns for everyone who has been affected by the recent events taking place across the globe.

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Laurie Wise is a member of Sudden Denouement – A Global Divergent Literary Collective, Blood into Ink and Whisper and the Roar. Her poetry has been published in several anthologies. She is hope in human form, dangling her feet in flames to appease the hellhounds of mental illness. You can read more of her writing at A Wise Woman Writes

Indie Blu(e) Publishing Partners with The Kali Project — October 26, 2020

Indie Blu(e) Publishing Partners with The Kali Project

The Kali Project was conceived by indie writers and editors Candice Louisa Daquin and Megha Sood. A dear friend starting a feminist micro press was intrigued and suggested that The Kali Project serve as their inaugural publication. Everyone involved has been deeply moved by the support and enthusiasm the project has received, as well as by the volume of submissions.

The Kali Project has become a much more involved and wonderful project than we anticipated, and it has become clear to all involved that it needs a publishing partner with more experience publishing large, worldwide anthologies.

We are pleased to announce that Indie Blu(e) Publishing has assumed the role as The Kali Project’s publisher. Candice, a founding editor at Indie Blu(e), knows their ability to manage the volume of details of such a project and to produce high quality anthologies, such as We Will Not Be Silenced, SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like, and the soon to be released As The World Burns.

Both Megha and Candice are grateful to tap into Indie Blu(e)’s creativity and expertise for The Kali Project. We have grown beyond our expectations and are confident that the anthology will be in good hands.

Going forward, all communication regarding the project will be coming directly from Indie Blu(e) Publishing, including contracts, which will issued upon completion of the decision-making process. We appreciate your patience and support.

We welcome our Indie Blu(e) sisters Kindra M. Austin, Rachel Finch, and Christine E. Ray to this project.

The Kali Project Team

Indie Blu(e) Titles on Kindle — March 20, 2020

Indie Blu(e) Titles on Kindle

Found yourself with unexpected time for reading?
In the mood to read some amazing poetry and prose today?
The Indie Blu(e) Publishing Catalog is available for Kindle and most of our titles are also available through Kindle Unlimited.
Let Indie Blu(e) Publishing help ease your quarantine blues.

Heavy Mental / Kindra M. Austin

Softly Glowing Exit Signs / Georgia Park


Featured Image -- 1367
SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like / Candice L. Daquin, editor

Front cover Composition of a woman
Composition of a Woman / Christine E. Ray

All the Beginnings of Everything / Kindra M. Austin

front cover
A Sparrow Stirs its Wings / Rachel Finch

front cover PNG
Conversations with my Higher Self / Rachel Finch

Front Cover Melody Lee - Season Of The Sorceress - CS KDP
Season of the Sorceress /  Melody Lee

Arclight Front Cover 2-3-2019
Arclight / John Biscello

High Quality image Mitch
The Myths of Girlhood / Christine E. Ray


Don’t Miss a Thing. . . — February 26, 2020
Editor’s Note: Nicole Lyons and The Lithium Chronicles Volume II — December 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: Nicole Lyons and The Lithium Chronicles Volume II

Editor’s Note


Raw. Fierce. Brave. Brazen. Honest. These words are often (and accurately) used to describe Nicole Lyons’ writing. I’ve also seen her called a crazy bitch; the real burn is that Nicole lives so much inside her truths, she’s able to say, “Yes. I am a crazy bitch.” One of the things I admire most about my lioness is that she never allows naysayers to hold power over her. Nicole takes what is meant to be derogatory and makes it into a crown. Bipolar Affective Disorder, however, doesn’t genuflect before her; BAD is always seeking to usurp the reign she has over herself.

Working so closely with Nicole on the Lithium Chronicles has shown me facets of her being that I’ve never before seen through my friendship eyes; to be her editor is a fascinating position. Nicole neither appreciates nor responds to placation the way some other writers do. Trying to help her through a crisis of confidence sometimes triggers my own anxiety because I want so desperately to make sense of her mind—I want to say brilliant mind, but Nicole would only tell me to shut up. That’s the thing about my lioness—she’s unpretentious. In this, the second volume of The Lithium Chronicles, Nicole is a speeding train in which we are the passengers. By the end of this exhilarating journey, we will have seen the things that have made her into a humble woman, and we will respect her all the more.


—Kindra M. Austin, co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing