Indie Blu(e) is Recruiting Member Authors

Have you self-published a book or been published by a small independent press? Is your writing edgy and/or divergent? Consider joining Indie Blu(e). Six good reasons to become an Indie Blu(e) Member Author: Content curation by experienced editors who write in the genre Dedicated profile page Thoughtful reviews of your book for use on multipleContinue reading “Indie Blu(e) is Recruiting Member Authors”

The Value of Book Reviews

Book reviews are currency for the indie author, especially when reader feedback appears on Amazon and Goodreads. That makes sense, considering the weight of word of mouth marketing. I read an article on Impact recently that stated consumers are 4x more likely to buy goods and services when referred by a friend, and 63% ofContinue reading “The Value of Book Reviews”

Help Wanted: Book Reviewers for Indie Blu(e)

Six good reasons to write book reviews for Indie Blu(e): Free copies of books by great indie writers Advanced access to new releases Further development of your writing and reviewing skills Increased exposure for your writing Opportunity to network with indie writers & indie publishers Opportunity to support & promote indie writers   Intrigued? ContactContinue reading “Help Wanted: Book Reviewers for Indie Blu(e)”