Sarah Doughty Joins Indie Blu(e)

Sarah Doughty is an unconventional indie author from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. She suffers from Complex PTSD, and writing to her is a therapeutic escape. If writing is her breath, then her books are her life. Her first novel, Just Breathe, was published in 2015, and she’s since published several more fiction books — all in the same serial universe, Earthen Witch. Her debut poetry chapbook, The Silence Between Moonbeams, was published in 2016. She’s currently working on the next novel in her series and a full-length poetry book.

Doughty’s books are available for free at most online retailers. Other writing can be found at various publications and books in print and online, including several anthologies and collaborations. She can be found haunting Heartstring Eulogies and Instagram, editing books, creating book covers, and contributing her time as a writer/editor at Blood Into Ink, Whisper And The Roar, and writing at The Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

Published Books

(Available at Most Online Retailers)

The Earthen Witch novels are an urban fantasy romance series featuring Earthen witch Aisling Green and witch Connor Jennings, written from Aisling’s perspective. The world is not an easy place, especially for these two. And they’re going to have to fight many battles before they can reach their happily ever after.

Over three hundred years after their extinction and the collapse of the supernatural world, Aisling Green finds herself as the only Earthen witch in existence. With Connor by her side and a growing list of allies following her lead, she must learn to utilize the power she possesses, save the supernatural world and reunite it, protect the ones she loves, and defeat all that want her destroyed.

The Earthen Witch World Novels are the individual stories of Aisling’s friends, written in their own perspective. Each novel is a stand-alone, telling the story of one character. The timeline of each novel may overlap or intersect with the main storyline. These novels are also adult urban fantasy romance.

  • Home, Book One. Angela and Salvatore’s story.
  • Stronger Than Blood, Book Two. Marcy and Liam’s story. Coming in 2019.

The Earthen Witch World Shorts are exactly what they sound like. They’re shorter books or stories. These may have nothing to do with the characters you know and love from the novels, but the world is full of people, and they have their own stories to tell. These shorts are also adult urban fantasy romance.

Dream Spell, Book One, a novella. April’s story.
Zoe, Book Two, a novella. Zoe’s story.

Reading order of the Earthen Witch universe.

  • Zoe
  • Dream Spell
  • Just Breathe
  • Focus
  • Home
  • Listen
  • Safe, coming soon
  • Stronger Than Blood, coming in 2019


The Silence Between Moonbeams is a poetry chapbook about life — not always romantic, and not always easy, but often beautiful.

Everything is a product of the universe, the one thing about life we all share. It binds us together not only on a cellular level, but it’s also quintessential to the human condition. Thoughts, feelings, triumphs, love, loss, and much more are covered throughout these pages.

Discover what it feels like to live.


Universal Echoes is a full-length poetry book set to be released in late 2018.
More details are coming soon.


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