Indie Blu(e) Welcomes Dena M. Daigle

Dena M. Daigle is an Indie wordsmith from New Orleans, Louisiana who began her love affair with words as a teenager. She is an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, child abuse, and drug addiction, seeking to raise awareness and offer solace through her words. Her first book of poetry and prose, Scattered Ashes, was released in August 2017.  Other publications have been featured on Rebelle Society, A Better Today Media and Creative Talents Unleashed. In addition to her debut book, Scattered Ashes, Dena is featured in the anthologies, Cupid’s Arrow and Fire & Ice by Creative Talents Unleashed in support of the Starving Artists’ Fund. Dena is currently working on her second book, an interactive, self-help style guidebook for society’s “misfits.” Her current mental musings can be also found on the Facebook page, Phoenix Ascended, or her blog. You can follow Dena on Instagram at @PhoenixAscended33.


Available at:, Barnes & Noble & Books-A-Million

Scattered Ashes - front cover

“Much like her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, the story of Dena Daigle is truly one of survival. Her words are a testament for those with the strength to persevere, that the beginning of a story will not define its end. Dena was born to be a writer. There is no question about it. She is a woman with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a burning desire for life. She writes with a warrior’s heart and a lover’s passion. Dena Daigle is a powerful voice booming from her poetic words in a society that has long tried to silence women like her. She knows these truths and has made it her mission to share them with the world…one sentence at a time.” – Clyde Hurlston

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