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Faye K. Brown started her poetic journey as early as she can remember. Pen and paper have always remained close to her heart throughout her life. On social media she has been writing publicly since 2015 via the Black Orchid Poetry and FK Brown Poetry Facebook and Instagram platforms. Her debut poetry book “Beautifully Damaged Things” was independently released April of 2018, and she is currently working on her second collection.  Black Orchid Poetry is an open platform for writers of all stages. Brown offers live poetry book reviews to promote the work of fellow writers, and she provides the opportunity for fans to post their work to the page under “Spotlight Poetry” events.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to send in their poetry to test the waters of writing publicly, and also gain exposure to grow their pages.

Brown has focused her energy on finding artistic outlets to emotionally navigate living with and experiencing depression, anxiety, bullying, eating disorders, abuse, and just feeling out of place in the world. Whether it is music, painting, or writing, her message has been and always will be that we are not alone in what we experience. Throughout all hardships endured, she has found her passion is to uplift, motivate, and provide direction so people can engage in what they want most out of life.

Connecting with people has always felt difficult for Brown. Poetry is one of the ways she can provide comfort to those who seek it. Her style of writing doesn’t always focus on positivity, it is based on real emotion, and life, which is messy. Currently residing in Minneapolis, MN, Brown spends her time reading, writing, painting, discovering new music, new art, upcoming writers, and spending time with close friends and family.

Black Orchid Poetry
FK Brown Poetry

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Beautiful Damaged Things

Beautifully Damaged Things is a collection of poetry written by FK Brown. Her words take readers through a journey of love, heartache, and redemption through real experience and lessons learned. FK Brown invites you to experience both her heart and mind, as she poetically elaborates on her take on life, love, loss, and hope. Her end goal is to ensure those who choose to dive into ‘Beautifully Damaged Things’ understand that no one is ever alone in what we feel and experience in life.

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I refuse to be invisible. I honor my voice. I write because I have to.

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