Get the Scoop on the Indie Blu(e) Author Takeover Event

Indie Blu(e) is hosting its first Facebook Takeover Event on Monday, July 23rd from 2 to 7 pm EST. A fabulous line-up of 10 Indie Authors will “take over” this event page throughout the day and tell you more about themselves and their books. It’s a great opportunity to get to know more about the authors, get introduced to some great books, and network. The focus is on having fun and interacting. There may even be a surprise announcement or two!

2-2:30 pm Auguste Wilde
2:30-3 pm Kindra Austin
3-3:30 pm Kacey Hill
3:30-4 pm Rachel Finch
4-4:30 pm Tony Nesca
4:30-5 pm Susan Conway
5-5:30 pm Nicholas Gagnier
5:30-6 pm John Biscello
6-6:30 pm Melody Lee
6:30-7 pm Georgia Park

To attend the event, sign-up here!

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