Kristiana Reed Reviews John Biscello’s Arclight

My Screaming Twenties

There is poetry at the heart of everything Biscello writes. I read his novel Nocturne Variations earlier this year and became enamoured with his poetic style. Therefore, Arclight was nothing less than a joy to read.

Broken into seven sections, Arclight is structurally balanced with three line thoughts and longer poems which are the pinnacle of this collection. He weaves colours, charm and sentiment into a language of his own; reminiscent of Frost, Plath and Eliot. He succinctly and beautifully describes a sunset as a ‘maraschino sky’ and longer poems like I do not say I love you and Isn’t it Romantic? are honest, gorgeous and in the case of the latter, hilarious. Whilst every piece in the eponymous section ‘Arclight’ is stunning and quickly became my favourite; with poems dedicated to the likes of Fante, Sexton and Joan of Arc.

As I read Arclight, I witnessed Biscello display his…

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