We all know that Amazon has become persnickety about publishing book reviews and that they have been blocking many folks from leaving reviews as well as removing many of the book reviews that you have taken the time and consideration to write.

Indie Blu(e)and Go Dog Go Café would LOVE to publish your book reviews! They may not have the same reach as publishing on Amazon or Goodreads would, but publishing your review on IB and/or GDG will introduce both your writing and some great books to a new and appreciative audience.

If you have written a review that you would like to have considered for publication, please email Indie Blu(e) at indieblucollective@gmail.com with the following:

• the review itself in a Word Document (preferred) or in the body of the email (fine)
• an image of the book (your reader images of the book are always popular)
• your name EXACTLY as you would like it to appear with the review
• a brief biography and/or links where readers can read more of your writing.

IB and GDG are happy to publish reviews that are already published on Amazon and/or Goodreads to increase their reach.

We will let you know if your review will be published and send you the links for sharing