Melody Lee Reviews Conversations with My Higher Self by Rachel Finch

Conversations with My Higher Self is a provocative book and certainly a deeply moving and unique one. If you are expecting a book with overused themes, themes that tend to dominate social media and modern poetry books, this is not that book. It’s clever, it’s honest, it’s spiritual, it’s cathartic, it’s a modern-day masterpiece.

“The ceiling disappears beneath my feet as I rise up.” CWMYS is Finch’s personal experience with a near death, out-of-body life-changing event. Not only does she have the power to create such vivid imagery that you feel as though you are in the room with her, Finch had a way of carrying me with her to that other place outside our physical bodies, that place we can’t possibly see with human eyes, to that spiritual realm beyond.

“I am a god dressed in skin, fully aware of my otherworldliness and I am lonely, so terribly lonely, my own kind, lost in an amnesia I have left behind and I am craving home.”

This book is a book like none you’ve read before and that alone is a powerful testament to Finch’s artistic brilliance. She executes her near death and resurrection experiences in such a way as to bring the reader with her to this incredible other-world. As Finch evolves, I felt myself evolving. “She is not quiet, the evolving is an unfolding and I am origami in the wind.” CWMHS has the power to change you, the reader, to change your mindset and see yourself and your life in an entirely different light. This book is a must have for all lovers of poetry and anyone who has had or who has known someone with a near death and out-of-body experience.

-Melody Lee, author of Moon Gypsy and Season of the Sorceress

Conversations with My Higher Self is now available in paperback on Amazon

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