Review of Composition of a Woman, 2nd Edition, Christine E. Ray by Kristiana Reed

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“Ray is a woman conducting an orchestra while openly admitting she isn’t perfect. There is dazzling beauty in her ability to lift your spirits and reach beyond the book, calling for your blood and belly fire.”

These were my closing thoughts after reading and reviewing Composition of a Woman for the first time and I am pleased to report the second edition achieves this once more but with thirty-six new and stunning pieces. The collection has since been awarded a Bronze Book Award by Readers’ Favourite too.

The ingenious anatomical structure remains, with Ray taking us on a journey through her experience of physical and mental health, love, loss and being a warrior, feminist and advocate for many. The new pieces fit in seamlessly  with the story Ray had begun to tell from the collection’s first release; and considering Composition of a Woman was never lacking in the first place, the additional work only seeks to improve and reinforce the messages Ray’s writing shares. Messages about the honesty found in vulnerability. Messages of strength and courage. Messages of hope. Messages about how no matter how overwhelming loss may feel, you are not alone. Messages of fire and brimstone. Messages about freedom, equality and never giving up.

Although the collection follows ‘a Woman’, Ray writes for all and the second edition reaffirms her purpose, evident in all the work she does in editing and publishing, to lift others up and hold them in the light.

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Composition of a Woman is available in print and Kindle versions worldwide

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