Suffering brings strength

Indie Blu(e) has published a number of ‘difficult’ subjects, including our We Will Not Be Silenced (anthology) on sexual-assault/rape, #metoo, Through The Looking Glass (anthology) on mental illness, and But, You Don’t Look Sick (anthology) on invisible physical illnesses.

We’ve been asked – why go there?

In may ways the crux of our existence as a publisher is based on suffering and the strength that has been borne out of that suffering. As odd as that may sound it’s how suffering usually works. People who go through hard times, are often true survivors and their voices, their art and passions, their very life energies, are forever changed.

We don’t believe subjects traditionally shied away from, should be buried and ignored. We believe in transparency, and the healing power of speaking your truth. By being open about suffering, we are all in it together, instead of judging one another, or segregating our experiences. Promoting awareness promotes change. Our titles encourage this raw experience and indepth examination of issues others may ignore, because we see strength in suffering and survival.

Indie Blu(e) literally began because Editor-in-Chief Christine Ray, became physically unwell and realized she could no longer keep up her demanding career. It was a terrible blow given Ray’s passion for her careers and her devotion to what she loved. Not only was her identity wrapped up in this but she didn’t know how she would be without it.

At the same time Kindra Austin had been contending with her own severe illness and the loss of loved ones in her immediate family. When many would have given up and faded away, these two creative souls came together and formed a publishing company. Their intention was always to be the voice for the unheard, the overlooked. The talents that were passed by, or too fragile to struggle through the publishing process. They wanted to address the taboo, neglected subjects and shine a light in the darkness.

Candice Daquin joined them almost from the onset, having worked with them and appreciated their devotion to their craft. Between the three of them and later on including the unstoppable talents of Victoria Manzi, they began publishing relevant, hard hitting, unapologetic books of talented, suffering, strong and beautiful writers and artists.

“Our goals were never about profit. We wanted to be the kind of publisher we’d have sought out if we hadn’t started a publishing company” Said Kindra Austin in an interview on the genesis behind IB. “We are all affected by illness, we know how it can ravage you mentally and physically and that’s why we put so much love into this company and the books we produce. We want to ensure those often marginalized raw voices are heard.”

Christine Ray is an active campaigner for the reform of how invisible illness is viewed by society. She also stands up for the changing of laws for sexual assault awareness. Candice Daquin worked for years in Rape Crisis Centers as a Psychotherapist and always felt not enough was being said or done to harness change. “If we can change one closed mind or give one person hope with the breadth and vision of our writers, then it was worth it,” said Daquin.

Indie Blu(e) literally was carved out of a desire to help bring neglected voices to life. We believe passionately that through suffering comes a creative strength that is unstoppable. We are actively involved in trying to effect change with every title we publish. We stand behind our authors and artists as believers of truth, justice and equality.

If you are a talented writer and are hiding your work under a bushel and want to team with a publisher who gets you, cares about you and will do their best for you, considering submitting to Indie Blu(e).

We are looking for marginalized, minority voices that need a supportive home for their best work. We are seeking authors of fiction to round out our 2022 collection and encourage you to send your best work to us when we open for submissions later this month. Know someone who is a superb writer? Let them know about us.

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Editor, Psychotherapist, Publisher.

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