Authors in Indie Blu(e) Anthologies: Emily Rose Cole

The incredible Emily Rose Cole stunned the Indie Blu(e) authors with her submissions to our anthology But You Don’t Look Sick (for sale HERE). Emily’s writing is just so superlative, it’s almost impossibly good. We absolutely loved her work, she was a stand-out from the very first read and consequently Indie Blu(e) nominated Emily’s writing for a Pushcart award based on the quality of her work in our collection. We really want to promote her work because she’s a brilliant talent and an inspiring writer (and singer!). A little bit of an enigma, she’s the genius hiding in the forest, we want to tease her out a bit and share her writing with you:

Is it any wonder Emily Rose Cole grew up in a family folk band with music in her veins? This could explain why her poetry is just so magnificent. Emily is a poet, singer, folklore enthusiast, and disability studies scholar. We’re hopeful she carries on writing and publishing, because the subjects she picks are dear to our heart and her rending of them, quite stunning.

Her chapbook of persona poems in the voices of mythological and historical women, Love & a Loaded Gunwas released from Minerva Rising Press in 2017. Check out more about this collection via Emily’s website:

Her poetry has received awards from Jabberwock ReviewRuminate MagazinePhiladelphia StoriesThe Orison Anthology and the Academy of American Poets ,and has been featured in projects like American Life in Poetry, Best New Poets 2018, and The Familiar Wild: On Dogs and Poetry. It’s not just Indie Blu(e) who thinks Emily is outstanding, she’s got a huge list of published works, here are some you can read online:

Emily holds an MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and is pursuing a PhD in poetry with an emphasis in Disability Studies at the University of Cincinnati. She loves accessibility, folk music, weird fairytales, stories about friendship, foxes, and, especially, her tiny black cat, Bashir.  You can hear her reading some of her poetry here.

Emily’s Social media connections are:

Twitter: @EmilyColeWrites

Facebook: Emily Rose Cole

Insta: DSNineLives (mostly my cat) 

The online literary journal Rogue Agent and our anthology But You Don’t Look Sick (buy a copy of this ground-breaking anthology on invisible illness by a myriad of talented poets and artists HERE) published this stunning work of Emily’s on MS and disability/visibility:


Always the same, return & return, like riptide,
like nightmare. No—like the witch’s warning:
what you cast will return to you three times three,
a reminder that magic begets magic begets
consequences—breakfast’s black mug of coffee
reincarnates itself as a bladder spasm, an afternoon
of self-selected house arrest. Last night’s extra hour
awake resurfaces as the glimmer of molasses in the brain’s
gas tank. Dead engine. Each relapse makes of me an object  

at rest. It’s so easy to imagine this as punishment—cause
& effect. Present action equals future damage. Little wonder
that the adjective & verb forms of degenerate are spelled
the same way: I am degenerate, so I degenerate. Goddess,

in place of such unuseful language, grant me a new word
for disrepair. Bar from my lips all apologies. Blessed be.

Emily Rose Cole – one of the discovered talents we were fortunate to encounter when we put out a call for our invisible illness anthology But You Don’t Look Sick. It’s our hope we work with her again, and we are glad to share her talent with our readers because we think this poetess is going places. There is nothing more rewarding than meeting gifted writers and sharing them with others. If you love poetry, you’re in for a real treat with Emily’s uncanny talent as a writer.

Want to be featured on Indie Blu(e)’s blog? If you have had work published in one of our anthologies, drop us a line and let us promote your work here!

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