Authors in Indie Blu(e) Anthologies: Dr. Molly Joseph

Beyond Mist Mountains, by Dr. Molly Joseph is coming out this year, 2022.

Indie Blu(e) Publishing has had the honor of publishing a great number of internationally famous, locally respected and incredibly talented authors, poets and artists. Our series of profiles on these talented writers and artists continues with the eminent Dr. Molly Joseph whom we were fortunate enough to feature in The Kali Project. Dr. Joseph is a leader in her field and a highly compassionate human-being. It was such a pleasure to include her work in The Kali Project as her poetic voice is very well-known and much respected and as an Indian female poet she forges the way for those who come afterward. We were incredibly lucky to have a talent of her caliber in Kali and we are immensely grateful for her support of that necessary and important anthology.

Dr. Molly Joseph is a Professor and Poet from Kerala, who in addition, writes Travelogues, Short stories and Story books for children. Incredibly prolific, she has published fourteen books thus far, 12 Books of poems, a novel and a Story book for Children.

Author Molly Joseph.

She has won several accolades which include India Women Achiever’s Award  2020. She believes in the power of the word and writes boldly on matters that deal with the contemporary. She can be reached at :
E-mail – mynamolly 
Youtube –

Dr. Joseph’s 15th collection of poems Songs of Silence is with Authorspress New Delhi. It will come out this month February. Dr. Joseph is at present working on a novel, she regularly attends SAARC  Literary Meet representing India and had been to the reputed Kishtrec Festival conducted by  KISSI University, Kenya. To have a real feel of Dr. Joseph’s books you have to know the beauty and intensity of her written word and her passionate commitment to the written word. In her very soul, she’s a true poet and writer.

The Kali Project brought together some of the strongest voices in poetry from Indian poets and artists.

Molly said of working with The Kali Project:

It was a very fulfilling experience to be a part of the much meaningful Kali  Project. Woman being the creative principle of life, need this kind of highlight,  not only  to establish her  unique niche  in this world, but also to build within themselves  a self assured significance of her own  vital role in this  fast evolving scheme of things.  Such a Project turns out so seminal offering a plethora of perspectives for  woman hood.”


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Published Books – Dr. Molly Joseph:

Dr. Molly Joseph holds a Doctorate in post war American poetry. She retired as the Head, Department of English, St. Xavier’s College, Aluva, Kerala, and  also served as Professor, Communicative English  at FISAT, Kerala. She is an accomplished bilingual writer.

Aching Melodies (2013) Poems – English Partridge – Penguin
Autumn Leaves (2016) Poems – English Authors Press New Delhi
Myna’s Musings (2017) Poems – English Authors Press New Delhi
December  Dews (2017) Poems – English Authors Press New Delhi
Firefly Flickers (2018) Poems – English Xpress Publications, Palakkad (Kerala)

Hidumbi (2018) Novel – translation from Malayalam, Xpress Publications Palakkad (Kerala)
It Rains (2019) Poems – English Authors Press New Delhi
The Bird with Wings of Fire (2019) Poems – English Authors Press New Delhi
Where Cicadas Sing in Mirth (2019) Poems – English Authors Press New Delhi
Water Sings over the Stones(2020) Poems – English Authors Press New Delhi
Adventures of Billu, Dillu and Thrillu (2020) – Children’s Story Book Authors Press New Delhi

Pokkuveyil Vettangal (2019) Poems – Malayalam Aksharasthree
Kottayam (Kerala)
Kurukiyunarunna  Mainakal (2021) Poems – Malayalam Authors Press, New Delhi
Beyond Mist Mountains (2021) Poems – English Authors Press New Delhi
Songs of Silence (2022) Poems – English (to be published in Feb 2022 Authors Press New Delhi

Dr. Molly Joseph was born in 1956 as the daughter of teacher parents, the late M.M. Joseph and the late Annamma Joseph at Kongorpilly, Kerala. She grew up among three brothers, got married to Mr. Xavier Gregory, and has a beautiful family, son Greg Xavier and daughter Sneha Xavier as well as grandchildren. She received her M.A. in English Language and Literature, took an M.Phil, and completed her Doctorate in Post War American Poetry with a specialization PGDTE from IFLU Hyderabad. 

Molly Joseph’s children’s book Adventures of Billu, Dillu and Thrilu.

Indie Blu(e) Publishing is VERY proud of our authors / poets / artists and contributors to our anthologies. We love highlighting their accomplishments. If YOU are a IB contributor and wish to have a profile here, please get in touch ( including information we’d like to promote on our website such as: Bio, photo, live readings, links, interesting information and one short exert or poem. http://www.indieblu.netHERE.

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