Authors in Indie Blu(e) Anthologies: Jennifer Juniper Montero

We met some fantastic authors/artists/writers through Indie Blu(e)’s anthology: But You Don’t Look Sick: The Real Life Adventures of Fibro Bitches, Lupus Warriors, and other Super Heroes Battling Invisible Illness. This was a hard anthology to work on. People suffering from invisible illness are incredibly strong but also tired of suffering. The journey to get thisContinue reading “Authors in Indie Blu(e) Anthologies: Jennifer Juniper Montero”

Got snow? Get books!

One expected boon to inclement weather is the rarified opportunity to sit in front of a roaring fire in your favorite jammies and tuck up with a good book and a hot drink. What makes a good book? A memorable book? It’ll vary because our tastes vary but among the most popular ‘must haves’ are:Continue reading “Got snow? Get books!”

The Mmmm Of Her – Nicole Lyons from The Lithium Chronicles: Volume Two

I was convinced she was crazy and I couldn’t stand the pitch of her voice but for the way she would say, “Mmmm” when I told her about the thoughts, and how they pummelled me darkly. I liked the Mmmm of her, the way it brought out the whites of her eyes, and I wonderedContinue reading “The Mmmm Of Her – Nicole Lyons from The Lithium Chronicles: Volume Two”