Give the Gift of Truth this Holiday Season — December 17, 2020
HUSH by Nicole Lyons Now Available as a Free PDF — April 24, 2020

HUSH by Nicole Lyons Now Available as a Free PDF


Nicole Lyons​ and Indie Blu(e) Publishing are thrilled to announce that Nicole’s stunning first poetry collection, the long out-of-print HUSH is now available as a free PDF.

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Nicole Lyons’ Review of Kindra M. Austin’s Heavy Mental — March 11, 2020

Nicole Lyons’ Review of Kindra M. Austin’s Heavy Mental


Within the pages of Heavy Mental, Kindra Austin lies, and she lays her heart out for all of the world to feast. And feast, we do, on this, the pinnacle of her soul’s work.

To say that Heavy Mental has catapulted Austin and her work into the same literary sphere as Plath or Cohen or Atwood is as true as the sky above and our souls below. And I, a ride or die fan from the get-go, am both excited and afraid to see what she will publish next. Because in all reality, if I were to take my last breath in the morning, Heavy Mental is the perfect literary swan song for me to go out on, with my only wish being that I had written something as brave, as ugly, and as beautifully honest myself. I don’t know how she’ll ever top this one.

Heavy Mental is a lifetime of hurt and hope. It is unconditional love given wholeheartedly under the strictest conditions. It’s a child grieving and a mother coping when death and drink and every ugly aspect of our lives pull up a chair to join us at dinner. Heavy Mental is depression and addiction, the unending cycle of it, the tide of it, the winds of it, the elements of all of it that erode the foundation of families and filter inside the smallest souls. Heavy Mental is grief and acceptance, love and devotion, anger and fear, and Kindra Austin writes all of it absolutely fucking spectacularly.

In Heavy Mental we take Austin’s hand and wade into her world of unconditional love and soul crushing sorrow, and just when we think we can’t take anymore, Austin tightens her grip and pulls us in to the deep end.

With surgical precision, Austin carves her truth into our hearts. Her wordplay is steeping in irony and glorious in wit, even when it’s quiet and contemplative in nature. And I think that’s part of her gift – the silent punch of it all. Heavy Mental is a memoir birthed in love and delivered in honesty, and everything about the book is perfection.

Austin does not mince words. She doesn’t write to stun, or to shock, or to please anyone. She writes only to tell her story, and shed the weight of it all, and in doing so, in shrugging off any attempt to pander to readers, she has written something so extraordinarily beautiful and breathtakingly honest that I’m not even sure she knows what she has done.

Heavy Mental is not only one of the best collections I have read this season, I’d wager it’s probably one of the best collections I’ve read, ever. Kindra M. Austin is most definitely a writer to watch out for, and Heavy Mental is by far the book to grab this year.

—Nicole Lyons, The Lithium Chronicles I & II

Heavy Mental releases in March 2020. Stay tuned…

The Mmmm Of Her – Nicole Lyons from The Lithium Chronicles: Volume Two — March 5, 2020

The Mmmm Of Her – Nicole Lyons from The Lithium Chronicles: Volume Two


I was convinced she was crazy
and I couldn’t stand the pitch of her voice
but for the way she would say, “Mmmm”
when I told her about the thoughts,
and how they pummelled me darkly.
I liked the Mmmm of her, the way
it brought out the whites of her eyes,
and I wondered as they closed
if they were watching her thoughts
as closely as they watched mine.
And I wished to poke at them,
her thoughts not her eyes,
although I would be lying if I said
I hadn’t thought about poking those too.
I always left feeling less of myself,
like I had left little bits of me with her
and I started to wonder what she did with them,
those pieces of me that lingered in her office.
Did she think of them as hers now?
A project she could shelve
until the mood struck right,
or a maybe a pet, a defiant dog
she coaxed with treats
and whipped into submission;
or perhaps I was a blossom,
force flowered and placed perfectly
in the corner of her office where
she could watch me wither,
in the spot that never sees the sun
just the bite of the cold air pumping
from her ac unit and the whites of her eyes

The Lithium Chronicles: Volume Two is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, Book Depository, and other major online book retailers.

Meet Indie Blu(e) Writer Nicole Lyons —

Meet Indie Blu(e) Writer Nicole Lyons

Nicole black and white

Name You Write Under
Nicole Lyons

In what part of the world do you live?
I live in BC Canada in a little city called Kamloops. The word Kamloops comes from the Secwepemc word Tk’emlúps, meaning “where the rivers meet” and refers to the convergence of the North and South Thompson rivers. Not only is Kamloops rich in culture and heritage, especially that of The Tk‘emlúpsemc ‘the people of the confluence’, now known as the Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc, but we are also the Tournament Capital of Canada and home to the CFL’s own BC Lions’ training camps. For decades our city has hosted hundreds of tournaments a year at our many world class sporting facilities. We’re gunning for a preforming arts facility as well, but it’s a vote the city can’t seem to pass.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I hate talking about myself. Although I often give the impression that I enjoy being the center of attention, I really don’t, like, not at all. I don’t know how to explain myself in words other than “mother” “poet” “bipolar disorder”, and that’s not saying I don’t see myself as anything other than those things, I just lack the ability to express anything else. Ha! Ironic, I guess you could call me ironic. Look, I write poetry and if you are seriously interested in getting to know me a little bit better, read my work, you’ll get a deeper understanding of who I am that way.

Tell us about your journey as a writer.
I started sharing little blips of the moments I spent pacing the halls of the psych wards I found myself in, or the thoughts that danced in my head when I opened my eyes to a ceiling that wasn’t familiar and tried to swallow the coke burn in my throat. My journey has always been a write or die situation.

Is your Indie Blu(e) title your first time in print?
No, All of my previously published work is now out of print, but Indie Blu(e) showcases the best of the best of my work in The Lithium Chronicles Volume One and Volume Two.

Who are your literary influences?
You’d be surprised and disgusted if I told you the truth, so instead all go with the safety of Plath, Bukowski, Downy, Poe, and too many modern poets to name.

What inspires/motivates you to keep writing?
My illness and my sanity demand it of me. I wish it was prettier than that, but it is what it is.

Tell us about The Lithium Chronicles
The chronicles are a little peek into my personal battles with mental illness, addiction, love, and longing. They are ultimately my healing.

What are your personal favorites from the books?
From The Lithium Chronicles: Volume One

Under Red Skies
The Night A Blue Moon Burst
Gutting The Apartment Upstairs
Have Your Muse, I’ll Have My Whiskey

From The Lithium Chronicles: Volume Two

Fine On The Outside
I Wrote It All Down
Sunday Brunch
The Good Girls Are Always Found
The Mmm of Her

What are your future goals?
To never fade away. I hope to go out in a spectacular crash, one that keeps me and my work fresh in the heads of all the other glorious messes who have taken a moment to read me.

Where can we read more of your writing?
Nicole Lyons