Now Available for Kindle: Heavy Mental by Kindra M. Austin

Find yourself at home with unexpected time on your hands? It’s a great day to read Heavy Mental, Kindra M. Austin‘s brilliant new poetry book. Released today for Kindle.   Print version coming soon.

Candice Daquin reviews Kindra M. Austin’s For You, Rowena

For you Rowena – Kindra M. Austin Review by Candice Louisa Daquin I’ll begin by saying, it’s not easy to write a review of a book that you don’t want anyone to know the twists and turns of, because then what do you write about? With this novel I feel almost possessive, usually when youContinue reading “Candice Daquin reviews Kindra M. Austin’s For You, Rowena”

For You, Rowena (release date 31 August)

What lines would you cross for the one you love? Rowena is a Helen of Today, dangerously coveted; she’s a paradoxical woman searching for self-certitude through pleasures of the flesh. Only one amongst her myriad of lovers can save Rowena from herself. This is a story of human connection and its devastating power. In threeContinue reading “For You, Rowena (release date 31 August)”