Indie Blu(e) Publishing Released a Revised and Expanded Edition Of Christine E. Ray’s Award Winning Composition of a Woman

Indie Blu(e) Publishing is pleased to announce the re-release of Christine E. Ray’s debut book of poetry and prose, Composition of a Woman. This revised volume includes 36 new pieces of poetry and prose. Composition of a Woman recently won a Bronze Medal from the Readers Favorites Book Awards.

The Myths of Girlhood Earns multiple 5-star reviews on Readers’ Favorites

Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite The Myths of Girlhood by Christine E. Ray is a poetry collection that revolves around the theme of womanhood and everything it entails. The Myths of Girlhood is a stark book in the sense that it portrays the woman not simply as the stereotypical gentle, delicate “fairer sex”Continue reading “The Myths of Girlhood Earns multiple 5-star reviews on Readers’ Favorites”