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Daquin’s own life, traveling from her native France, via England, Canada and finally the US, has brought a myriad of experiences that others have often been able to tap into via her writing. A collection of lives really, and with this, she tries to weave greater meaning through poetry and touch those who experience similar questions, doubts, and hopes. Surely this is what writing attempts in its very human form?

Daquin’s themes include feminism in its complex, everyday form, and the experience of being a woman, a gay woman, a bi-racial woman, a bi-cultural woman and finally, a Jewish woman of Egyptian extraction (Mizrahi) and how this sits with the world’s current revolt between the dominant faiths.

“I have been told from readers of my published and non-published works that reading poetry which resonates with your emotions, helps you see things clearer, assists in remembering what really matters and enables you to reflect on forgotten emotions or at least, locate them.  For this and many reasons, poetry has a deep place in my psyche and I come back to it time and again, considering its importance in our increasingly busy world. When you read a poem that stays with you, it’s much the same as a moment, etched in memory. To be able to generate moments of worth, be they uplifting, contemplative or even sad, is the goal of most writers.”

Daquin has written for Rattle, Northern Poetry Review and South Florida Review among others, both as reviewer and poet.


A jar for the jarring (2014)

The bright day has gone child, and you are in for the dark (2015)

Illusions of existing (2016)

Sit in fever (2016)

Pinch the lock (2017)

Jar for the Jarring large

Candice Louisa Daquin’s first book of poetry began her journey into the psyche and transformation of women from girl to adulthood. Her revelations about this process, through pain, healing, insight, love and loss, are both truths and metaphors many can relate to and have been expressed in the beautiful language of a poet, to illustrate our shared experience of life, both humorous, frightening, puzzling and tragic, but ultimately redemptive through the power of love. A jar for the jarring is the first in a series of seven books examining what it is to exist and experience life. This is the Second Edition.

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Book 2 large

Candice Daquin’s second collection of poetry was written after her move to the American Southwest and reflects much of the Southwestern & Hispanic influence she has experienced since. Themes include identity, personhood, being female and passion. Her writing is wide-arcing and challenging, bringing metaphor and symbolism into daily existence through at times, phantasmagorical and dreamlike concepts of existence.

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Book 3 large

In her third collection of poetry; Illusions of Existing, Candice Daquin tackles the ever-present questions of mortality, age, passion, rejection, fear, and transformation. Through our experience of existing we learn what is real, what is fragmentary and how nothing is ever certain, especially through the lens of a creative soul. At once humorous and dark, Daquin’s work provides an insight into the modern woman’s emotional landscape and her perspective of what it means to exist and not exist.

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Sit in Fever Large

The journey of personal growth comes in stages throughout life. In her fourth book of poetry, Daquin examines where she is having tackled earlier stages and found herself to be in a place of increased honesty and reconciliation. Through a blending of narrative, exclamation, humor, and healing, she shines a light on the emotional dynamics of existing in a complex world with the vivid imagery of the American Southwest as her backdrop.

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“Poet Candice Daquin uses carefully culled words to take her readers from the comfort of their couch to the bruised and bleeding psyche of the wounded heart. Her nomadic early years, sheltered by deep-thinking and creative European grandparents, set her on a course of discovery, creativity, and artistry. She has a special understanding of and connection with the disenfranchised, the abused, the castaways of society. Quite possibly her extensive work in Psychotherapy honed her laser focus on what lies beneath the surface of things, the surface of people, the surface of behavior. A background in dance informs the graceful flow, the cadence of her language.” L. Paul

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