Indie Blu(e) Welcomes Alfa

Alfa would paint the world in hues of turquoise if she could. Unapologetic about her realistic take on heartache, she writes to let her readers know they are not alone in their pain. Her four children and three granddaughters, the stars of her life, were the catalysts that pushed her to force her words and her smile on the world after a lifetime of depression and anxiety. She wanted to leave something behind for them, a legacy, proof of existence, and proof that pain can be transformed into beautiful inspiration.

Alfa holds degrees in English Literature as well as Radiologic Sciences. She is a retired medical professional who spent most of her years in Radiology, most specifically Radiation Therapy. She credits her ability to express painful life experiences from studying the human body from the inside out.

Atticus and Bookish Magazine named one of her most popular writings “Heartache wasn’t my intention… love was” as one of the most tattooable quotes. Her words have been shared countless times by celebrities in newspaper articles and reshared on their personal accounts across social media. Bustle Magazine listed her as one of 17 poets you should follow. Your Tango and The Odyssey Online have devoted articles to her poetry. On World Poetry Day, The Hindustan Times ran a full-page article in their newspaper (in print and online) on social media poetry, highlighting the 4 front runners of modern-day verse. Alfa was chosen to be interviewed alongside Tyler Knott-Gregson, R.M. Drake, and Christopher Poindexter.

She is best known for sharing her writing via her Facebook page and through her Instagram account. She also co-runs a group on Facebook Poets, Poetry, and Publishing that she established to create an environment that supports poets and the struggles of self-publishing.

She has three books of poetry published through her company AlfaWorldWide, LLC. Her debut book Abandoned Breaths was an Amazon bestseller and received five 5-star reviews from Readers Favorite.

She has two more books of poems that will be published August and October 2018 through St. Martin’s Press and Castle Point Books:  I Find You in the Darkness and Amid Thirsty Vines. They are available for preorder on Amazon and through all bookstores now.

When not writing, Alfa is most likely indulging in iced tea, feet up, relaxing on her wide-planked porch in Louisville, Kentucky or painting an upcycled furniture piece a fabulous shade of turquoise.

You can connect with Alfa at:

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Published Works

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abandoned-breaths large

Abandoned Breaths is the debut poetic collection from Alfa. Between these pages she has gathered the warehouses of the unsaid and weaved together the voices that have remained silent in our heartbroken hotels. All the abandoned breaths that we hold on to after serving time in heart warfare never really go away. They cling to dusty shelves, tucked into darken chambers among past wreckage; longing to be given life. She has cleaned house and opened musty windows, letting pulsing words breathe and transform into poetic release. The focus of these writings is to give the heart and soul permission to ache after love and loss. The author is unapologetic about her realistic take on heartache and grieving.

She touches on the past, trying to make sense of her experiences, to move forward. This book is filled with timeless and vintage feeling poetry.

It will touch every individual that reads it -as we have all experienced heartache throughout life… no matter the age group.

ebook cover SILENT S large

Expanding upon the writings of her bestselling book Abandoned Breaths, Alfa shares poignant poetry, quotes, and poetic prose, that delve deeper into how the story all began. “You will feel a trembling in your soul, and out of instinct you will pray to silence it. But do this for me… Do this for you. Quake sweet woman, quake.”

Kristiana Reed Reviews Alfa’s Silent Squall

Bouquet Large

Bouquets: Letting Them Go is a small chapbook of inspirational and heartfelt poetry and prose, geared towards the hearts of women who have experienced pain. Within these pages Alfa emphasizes the strength that is derived from helping others while in the midst of personal pain, heartache, and loss.

I find You

Available for Pre-order Release Date: August 14, 2018

Soul connection. Love. Heartbreak. Alfa knows them all, and I Find You in the Darkness will lead you down her twisting paths of passion and pain with the poetry that has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram and Facebook. Find your truest self revealed through Alfa’s carefully chosen words and discover the love you’ve been waiting for. This volume belongs in the collection of every modern poetry fan.

Amid thirst vines large

Available for Pre-order Release Date: October 9, 2018

Themes of self-discovery, tending the garden of the soul, and nurturing yourself into blossom, Amid Thirsty Vines by Instagram poetry star Alfa is the collection you need to feel the power of the beautiful flowers within you, and to find the love you deserve. This volume belongs in the collection of every modern poetry fan.

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