Indie Blu(e) is Hosting Its First Facebook Author Takeover event


Indie Blu(e) is holding its first Facebook Author Takeover event on Monday, July 23rd from 2 to 7 pm EST.

We are offering 10 30-minute slots for Indie Authors to “takeover” the event page and promote the hell out of their titles and network with new readers and other Indie Authors. Involvement is pretty simple- all participating authors promote the event on their own social media and encourage their followers to attend. Each author gets a 30-minute slot where they get to post exclusively on the event page and interact with the attendees. All participating authors are encouraged to stop by periodically throughout the event to meet and support the other authors. If you would like to claim a remaining 30-minute slot, please email Kindra and Christine at We will provide additional information about the event and language to help advertise it.

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I refuse to be invisible. I honor my voice. I write because I have to.

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