Indie Blu(e) Titles on Kindle

Found yourself with unexpected time for reading?
In the mood to read some amazing poetry and prose today?
The Indie Blu(e) Publishing Catalog is available for Kindle and most of our titles are also available through Kindle Unlimited.
Let Indie Blu(e) Publishing help ease your quarantine blues.
Heavy Mental / Kindra M. Austin
Softly Glowing Exit Signs / Georgia Park


Featured Image -- 1367
SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like / Candice L. Daquin, editor
Front cover Composition of a woman
Composition of a Woman / Christine E. Ray
All the Beginnings of Everything / Kindra M. Austin
front cover
A Sparrow Stirs its Wings / Rachel Finch
front cover PNG
Conversations with my Higher Self / Rachel Finch
Front Cover Melody Lee - Season Of The Sorceress - CS KDP
Season of the Sorceress /  Melody Lee
Arclight Front Cover 2-3-2019
Arclight / John Biscello
High Quality image Mitch
The Myths of Girlhood / Christine E. Ray


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