Indie Blu(e) Titles on Kindle

Found yourself with unexpected time for reading? In the mood to read some amazing poetry and prose today? The Indie Blu(e) Publishing Catalog is available for Kindle and most of our titles are also available through Kindle Unlimited. Let Indie Blu(e) Publishing help ease your quarantine blues.    

Cuckoo Rising

Greetings, soul-folks, and much love as we groove into the creatively charged and spiritually Roaring 20s! I am thrilled to announce that our crowdsourcing campaign for Ballad of the Cuckoos has officially launched, beneath the gilded magic of tonight’s full moon lunar eclipse. Ballad of the Cuckoos is a short film I wrote and will beContinue reading “Cuckoo Rising”

A Prince’s Welcome

To remix a bit of warmed-over lightning from the immortal good advice of one Mr. James Brown—Now is the time to jump back and kiss yourself, and become best first mate to your own extraordinary soul. The Spiritually Roaring 20s have begun. Pens uncapped, paintbrushes rhythmically swishing, bodies in unison rocking the boogie-woogie, voices raisedContinue reading “A Prince’s Welcome”