3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Oh for crying out loud, why would being a woman-owned business right now be more challenging than being a male-owned business?
    Criminey, nonsense like this is why I abandoned feminism.
    For the love of God, would y’all stop with the victimhood schtick? And you’re minimizing the problems of male business owners for no legitimate reason. Stop interjecting gender issues where they don’t belong.


    1. Perhaps the comment about being a woman-owned business was, indeed, superfluous. I suppose I could have just as easily (but more wordily) stated that Indie Blu(e) Publishing is owned and operated by indie writers who live with chronic invisible illness, mental health struggles, who are also survivors of sexual trauma, who just happen to be women.


  2. I live with a specialist in economics and inequity, specifically doing a project for the Government about gender inequality. Her findings over time have shown women-owned businesses ARE more adversely affected by recent events, as they are fiscally more vulnerable. This is a stone cold fact and not one that can be refuted. As such, you were well within your logical mind to state what you did about your experience of owning and running a women-owned business.

    I find it unfortunate that your critic should use this minor (inaccurate) point to try to shame you. Not only are they technically wrong but they serve only cruelty in their objective. Shaming someone for making a valid point about gender-inequity shows there is some latent anger toward women in this individuals life, as well as displaying a lack of compassion for those who have struggled during this Pandemic. There is only bitterness in the comment, without sufficient understanding of the truth you state. I would consider the author’s background, as there is much more to why they ‘abandoned’ the feminism movement than the truthful words you posted here. But as we all know, there are trolls who feel it is their divine right to preach animosity and bitterness online. That is not giving an opinion it is just malice by an unhappy person.


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