Authors in Indie Blu(e) Anthologies: Dr. Pragya Suman

The author & Poet Dr. Pragya Suman.

Dr. Pragya Suman is another valued contributor to Indie Blu(e)’s The Kali Project. She recalls: “I came to know about Candice Louisa Daquin through social media and she invited me to participate in Indie Blu(e)’s anthology on Indian women poets, entitled: The Kali Project. Being an Indian it was quite a familiar topic to me and in my personal life, I am a devotee to Hindu rituals and mythologies.” (the notable poet Megha Sood, was co-editor on this anthology alongside Daquin).

“My poetry Amrapali is included in this project, which is based upon the great legend of Indian history. The Spiritual transformation of Amrapali from Nagarvadhu (bride of city) to a saint is a story of infiniteness, different shades of life representing an ocean included in drop. Vivid faces of deities like Kali, Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati are very much adorable to me. The Kali Project is a unique collection in it’s representation of various figments of womanhood, and it was this, which drew me to submit.”

“In my personal life I believe in mysticism and my literary likings are tilted towards postmodernism. Pluralism and relativism are more practical in comparison to any abstract truth. Spirituality is a personal belief and I believe we should not be indulgent in making it an open debate.”

I like to keep my pen between two extremes of literary movements that are; art for art’s sake and realism. Acute and sharp observation are much more important for a writer.”

“Since beginning my work as a poet, I have written two books. My first book Lost Mother was written during the first lockdown of corona. My second book Photonic Postcard (you can purchase this HERE) is written in the prose poetry genre.”

Death dipped in the Ganga

The limpid drops squirted

out of lip corner

As mother tried to put the spoon

Tepid eyes of father twirling

On the death bed

My mother saw–

Death in garmented flash

Exit – the orbit moat

And that day death dipped in the Ganga

(Footnote: In Hinduism it is a sacred tradition to put Ganga water in the mouth of a dying person. It is believed that after death a person would get salvation).

Some reviews of my books:

“I have really enjoyed reading Photonic Postcard. I especially liked the complex and beguiling play of ideas and images and the imaginative way Pragya uses the Prose Poem form.” – Paul Hetherington, Professor of Writing and Head of International Poetry Studies Institute, Canberra University, Australia.

Dr. Suman’s book: Photonic Postcard.

“I love Photonic Postcard . There are so many poems I love in it –my favorite is “Mother’s Postcard” it’s beautifully crafted. I am so thrilled she is raising the profile of prose poetry in India.” Cassandra Atherton, Professor of writing and Literature, Deakin University.

“By following the language written by the Indian Author Pragya Suman, I always felt that she was whispering in her rhetoric and words. And this whisper takes many forms and images. It is nice to follow those pictures and forms to see this enrichment in this beautiful color and unique language.” Dr. Anwer Ghani, Author and Doctor from Iraq.

Dr. Suman is the Founding Editor of the respected ARC Magazine.

“Poetry is, among many things, the art of saying the unsayable. Pragya Suman’s poems achieve this challenge, inviting the reader to enter the space of her poetry and use their imaginations as a continuation of the ineffable. Her poems rely on diverse shifts of gestalt patterns, mysterious as paintings by surrealists. Enter wit and humor, hallmark features of her work, and her poems, oftentimes psychologically complex, become accessible to the average reader.” David Thane Cornell, American Author.

Arc Magazine, created by Dr. Suman and a valued addition to the literary world.

You can purchase the ARC Poetry Anthology via Amazon (by clicking HERE).


Dr. Pragya Suman is a specialist doctor from Bihar, India. She is a doctor by profession and a writer by passion. Her poetry, reviews, and fiction have been published in many magazines and anthologies. She has achieved certificates of excellence from many literary forums and the Gujrat Sahitya Academy. She won the Gideon poetry award summer 2020. Her debut book Lost Mother was published in 2020. Her second book Photonic Postcard is published by Ukiyoto Publishing, Canada. Photonic postcard is a collection of Prose Poems.

Dr. Suman’s first book Lost Mother. Gideon Poetry Prize Winner.

Dr. Pragya Suman is the founding editor of Arc Magazine. Arc Magazine is a triennial literary journal with spring, summer issue, and autumn issues of Arc Prose Poetry Anthology which comes in the fall of the year.

Writing is her passion which she inherited from her father. Her Father, the late Triveni Prasad Yadav was a civil engineer by profession who always kept his library up to date. Her mother was a housewife and a real motivator. Dr. Suman’s husband Dr. Bisheshwar Kumar is also a doctor. She is the mother of a daughter named Vatsalya.

Her poetry mentor is David Thanne Cornell, for whom she has high regards. Her poems are weekly broadcast from universal vision radio Mexico. HERE

Links to work: HERE

Social Media Links:

Twitter : @DrPragyaSuman7

Facebook :  Pragya.Suman.50

Instagram : pragya.suman.50

Indie Blu(e) Publishing is extremely proud to showcase and highlight our anthology contributors including superb world poets. Sharing their accomplishments may speak for themselves but sharing their work and passion reminds us why we put together anthologies and the joy of working with multi-talented poets and artists throughout the world. To read Dr. Pragya Suman’s valuable poetic contribution in Indie Blu(e)’s The Kali Project – get your copy via Amazon HERE or any good bookseller.

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