Brave and Reckless’ April’s Creativity Prompt Challenge: We Will Not Be Silenced

April 2022 Creativity Prompt Challenge

We Will Not Be Silenced

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During April, I am departing from my normal monthly Creativity Prompt format, and instead providing one phrase as the prompt for the month: We Will Not Be Silenced.  However, I will be offering two different ways to approach the prompt.  Feel free to respond in either way, or to respond to both.  There is no limit to how many pieces of writing or art you submit for the challenge as long as I receive your submission by April 30th. I will accept previously published pieces of writing or art as long as you retain the rights to this work.

Response Option #1 – General

There is only one guideline for Option 1: We Will Not Be Silenced should serve as the title of your piece OR all the words in the phrase should be integrated into your piece somehow.   

Response Option #2 – The Lived Experience of Sexual Assault/Abuse/Harassment

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in the United States. SAAM is an educational campaign whose goals are to increase awareness about the causes and risk factors for sexual assault and to empower individuals to take steps to prevent it in their own communities.

In solidarity to SAAM, I will accept submissions of writing and art about the lived experience of sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, trafficking, rape culture, and misogyny.  I am defining ‘lived experience’ broadly as we all are impacted by rape culture and political and social institutions that have support sexual assault.  I will accept submissions sent in under a pen name will respect any requests to publish pieces under ‘Anonymous’.  

I realize that submissions about the Lived Experience of Sexual Assault/Abuse/Harassment may not make for the easiest or most comfortable reading, but that in no way lessens their importance or impact.  It can be incredibly empowering for survivors to tell their stories. It can be really impactful to share epiphany moments and insights into how this culture has shaped you personally. 

There is strength in our stories and although we have seen the world begin to shift, there is much work still to be done.

It is an honor to publish your writing and art on Brave and Reckless. I welcome submissions of poetry, prose, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, essay, and art.  I will accept responses to We Will Not Be Silenced until April 30th, but will not start publishing them on Brave & Reckless until April 1st.

Email your prompt responses with a short bio (if you have not recently submitted to me) and a suggested image to

You can also participate on Instagram by tagging your writing/art with:

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Submit by email to for publication

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