My Publishing Story-Sarah Doughty

  My origin story is much like anyone else’s, I suppose. I turned to writing because it helps me feel better. It’s what I’ve always done. When it came to a point in my life that I desperately needed something to help me deal with traumatic memories of my childhood, I turned to writing. NotContinue reading “My Publishing Story-Sarah Doughty”

My Publishing Story-Nicholas Gagnier

I wrote my first novel in 2008, at 23 years old. It was called Harbour City Story and, despite being light years short of publication worthy, it would lay the groundwork for the years to come. After the death of my friend Michelle in that same year, it would take 3 years to write whatContinue reading “My Publishing Story-Nicholas Gagnier”

My Publishing Story: Ashley Jane

I first started thinking about publishing my poetry around a year ago. There had been people asking if I would for awhile, but I always made an excuse. “I don’t have the time.” “I didn’t go to school for that.” “I’m not good enough to publish. This is just a hobby.” But, along the way,Continue reading “My Publishing Story: Ashley Jane”