Nicole Lyons Reviews Nicholas Gagnier’s Founding Fathers

I have been shook, and I have been rocked, and I have been swallowed by a book, and an author, and my own divisive and inclusive thoughts, after the fact. With Founding Fathers, Nicholas Gagnier takes his readers to the darkest places where most of them have always been afraid to go on their own,Continue reading “Nicole Lyons Reviews Nicholas Gagnier’s Founding Fathers”

My Publishing Story-Nicholas Gagnier

I wrote my first novel in 2008, at 23 years old. It was called Harbour City Story and, despite being light years short of publication worthy, it would lay the groundwork for the years to come. After the death of my friend Michelle in that same year, it would take 3 years to write whatContinue reading “My Publishing Story-Nicholas Gagnier”

From Nicholas Gagnier: Leonard the Liar Excerpt #2

The bright lights give off an obnoxious combination of red, yellow and white glow. A visual overdose is spread across every corner of the travelling carnival like a neon bed-skirt. Kids infest every intersection. Games booths are commanded by charismatic university students over loudspeakers. Carnies are the sheriffs of this lawless little land, when they’reContinue reading “From Nicholas Gagnier: Leonard the Liar Excerpt #2”

Candice Louisa Daquin Reviews Nicholas Gagnier’s Leonard the Liar

As a kid I read a short story in a magazine that has stayed with me ever since, the poignancy of the story was so powerful I never forgot it. When you read a lot of fiction it takes a unique tale and way of conveying it to be unforgettable, I could probably name allContinue reading “Candice Louisa Daquin Reviews Nicholas Gagnier’s Leonard the Liar”

From Nicholas Gagnier: Leonard The Liar Excerpt

Twenty-four years passed before my daughter broached the origins of her given name. I was confident, as most young parents are, the question would have come up much sooner. I thought- as she passed through the annals of adolescence, trying to hide joints in her school bag and dated boys (many of whom were ofContinue reading “From Nicholas Gagnier: Leonard The Liar Excerpt”