From Nicholas Gagnier: Leonard the Liar Excerpt #2

The bright lights give off an obnoxious combination of red, yellow and white glow. A visual overdose is spread across every corner of the travelling carnival like a neon bed-skirt. Kids infest every intersection. Games booths are commanded by charismatic university students over loudspeakers. Carnies are the sheriffs of this lawless little land, when they’reContinue reading “From Nicholas Gagnier: Leonard the Liar Excerpt #2”

Candice Louisa Daquin Reviews Nicholas Gagnier’s Leonard the Liar

As a kid I read a short story in a magazine that has stayed with me ever since, the poignancy of the story was so powerful I never forgot it. When you read a lot of fiction it takes a unique tale and way of conveying it to be unforgettable, I could probably name allContinue reading “Candice Louisa Daquin Reviews Nicholas Gagnier’s Leonard the Liar”

From Nicholas Gagnier: Leonard The Liar Excerpt

Twenty-four years passed before my daughter broached the origins of her given name. I was confident, as most young parents are, the question would have come up much sooner. I thought- as she passed through the annals of adolescence, trying to hide joints in her school bag and dated boys (many of whom were ofContinue reading “From Nicholas Gagnier: Leonard The Liar Excerpt”