Alfa Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress

If you are an avid poetry lover, you will purchase this book with the intention of embarking on a spiritual journey. A few hours of self-care delivered the only way you know how. And if you’re already a fan of Melody’s talent, then you’re settled in, licking your lips as you begin to turn the pages. Primed and ready, you know this author speaks your language. But if this is your first offering, be prepared to have your heart and soul lifted and transported by way of lyrical bites of poetic thoughts and powerful flowing prose. Melody has crafted something quite levitating with this third book of poetry Season of the Sorceress.

Melody has the ability to create imagery that uplifts and cajoles her readers into believing we are capable of anything, regardless of our personal circumstances. Empowering, her rhythm and beat will reach the places within you that have slumbered undisturbed because they were never inspired to throw back the covers with inner strength and say, “I can.”

With lines like: We were letters lost in translation / read under sheets with shaky hands / and trembling tongues, you know the poem Letterswill unearth the romantic in you but turn the page and you will find edginess and bohemian spunk. We get to see the core of Melody’s craft and the marrow in her bones within her poem Roots.

I come from the makers…those known to spark controversy. You know the ones, those edgy bohemians…the artists, painters, writers…dreamers…gypsies…misfits…rebels…the libertines. The creative ones labeled trouble makers. The thinkers and the doers. The outspoken.  All in my blood.

Many of her poems are filled with cathartic twists and magical wisdom and are told in such a way that you feel like you’re sitting down with a bestie eating confetti birthday cake and sipping white wine. She pulls you in and presses you to the curve of her neck and you hear her whisper: “Me too.” That is a talent that every writer hopes to portray, and Melody executes it flawlessly.

There are thousands of writers that we have the privilege of reading on social media today, but I can say with absolute conviction that few have acquired the skill that Melody conveys in being able to tell a story with such depth, within the condensed form of poetry. Her brazen pen paints brushstrokes, making you feel a lifetime within a few carefully created lines.

This book is a mesmerizing feast for the rumbling that echoes from the poetic soul and there is little doubt that Season of the Sorceress will sate your hunger. It is a must for your poetic library.

Alfa is a Kentucky native writer of Poetry, Quotes and Poetic Prose. She is best known for sharing her writing via her Facebook page and through her Instagram account. She is the author of Abandoned Breaths, I Find You in the Darkness, Amid Thirsty Vines, and Silent Squall.

Season of the Sorceress is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.

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