Season of the Sorceress – Melody Lee

Lee paints personal experiences and tragedies elegantly into poetry and prose: life lessons of hope, empowerment, enlightenment. She brings the reader with her on her journey of enlightenment and rebirth. Lee has a magical way of connecting her reader to her stories, her poetry, her heart. She begins with self-reflection, by takings us back toContinue reading “Season of the Sorceress – Melody Lee”

Rachel Finch Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress

I was thrilled when Melody Lee asked me to review her latest book, ‘Season of the Sorceress’. I have enjoyed Lee’s work for a number of years and have always related to her stunning poetry, particularly enjoying her previous ‘Moon Gypsy’. Right from the first few pages of this beautiful book, I felt myself reallyContinue reading “Rachel Finch Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress”

Alfa Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress

If you are an avid poetry lover, you will purchase this book with the intention of embarking on a spiritual journey. A few hours of self-care delivered the only way you know how. And if you’re already a fan of Melody’s talent, then you’re settled in, licking your lips as you begin to turn theContinue reading “Alfa Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress”

Important Announcement from Indie Blu(e) Publishing

When Kindra Austin and Christine Ray founded Indie Blu(e) Publishing in 2018, they committed to offering  a small, intimate publishing experience where the writer and the editors would work in close partnership to create a finished book that really made the writing shine.  In our rush and enthusiasm to try and release two collections ofContinue reading “Important Announcement from Indie Blu(e) Publishing”