Alfa Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress

If you are an avid poetry lover, you will purchase this book with the intention of embarking on a spiritual journey. A few hours of self-care delivered the only way you know how. And if you’re already a fan of Melody’s talent, then you’re settled in, licking your lips as you begin to turn theContinue reading “Alfa Reviews Melody Lee’s Season of the Sorceress”

Kristiana Reed Reviews Alfa’s Silent Squall

‘It was him or me, and I decided – I wanted to live.’ Silent Squall was my first encounter with Alfa’s work. If I were to review the book in a few words, I would cite the journey I embarked upon from page one and the words I have been left with since. Alfa livesContinue reading “Kristiana Reed Reviews Alfa’s Silent Squall”