Candice Louisa Daquin Reviews The Lithium Chronicles

The thing about Nicole Lyons is …. There are too many things about Nicole Lyons and nothing about her is sufficient to encompass all that she is and will be. She’s more than words. But she is without doubt the fiery mistress of words. She knows the power within words. She knows the spells behindContinue reading “Candice Louisa Daquin Reviews The Lithium Chronicles”

Kristiana Reed Reviews Nicholas Gagnier’s Swear To Me

Swear to Me, an anthology of struggle and survival from Nicholas Gagnier, is a triumphant reveal of lonely hearts which aren’t so lonely after all. It appears a slim book of poetry when in fact it is the friend checking in on you. The friend who makes you a hot beverage or pours you aContinue reading “Kristiana Reed Reviews Nicholas Gagnier’s Swear To Me”